Editing & Production

Multi-Camera | After Effects | Color Grading | Audio Sweetening

Ledbetter Production offers collaboration, production and delivery of your projects. Dylan Warren has experience managing multi-camera setups as well as creating design elements and polishing footage. He manages client workflows in a highly organized fashion. Folders for everything!


Promotional Videos | Instructional Series | Music Videos | Short or Long Form

Ledbetter Production is actively seeking partners to collaborate on projects for music/fashion/performance/gaming related content or training/instructional videos. We produce content to target multiple platforms and social media.


Larger Projects


Ledbetter Production delivers high quality video content using a mix of traditional and experimental photographing techniques.  Premiere Pro and the Adobe CC suite complement a variety of software and hardware in order to get the shot and tell the story.

I am Dylan Warren. I have been ensuring customer success through professional communication and execution throughout my career. I edit with attention to detail, rhythm and narrative. When not buried in an NLE project, I am dancing with Wren Wild or making art in some other varied manner.